Dulux Value Added

Helping Dulux create profitable cardboard displays

Calm Creative has been involved with the design, development and production of all aspects of Dulux’s recent Value Added project, their major paint initiative for 2016-2017, which was rolled out to all 275 B&Q stores.

Increasing current POS space in-store by 300%

Calm Creative began a 16 week design and production project to raise awareness and educate the shopper to the product benefits.

The goal was to help drive up-sell and create impact – all without affecting product count and planogramming.

Staying ahead of the competition and shopper needs

We approached the challenge as always, starting from the ground up and thinking laterally to discover dead space in the racking systems and creating space with innovative mounting solutions and a smart use of existing retailer shelving.

The new concept was a collaborative category activation between Dulux and B&Q with insight from Calm. This led to the introduction of not only painted swatches to show paint colour, but also providing colour accurate swatch cards for shoppers to collect and take home to test.

Test on your walls not on the retail fixtures

Other aspects that Calm needed to solve within the project was a increasing amount of ‘testing graffiti’ (where shoppers actually paint white areas of POS with testers to check colours, due to not trusting the tester pot label).

This trend, both costly to POS effectiveness and reprint costs, has been solved by the removal of dead space, and the use of anti-graffiti print seals that allows any “testing” to be removed easily by store staff should it occur.

Spending time on the shop floor helped improve our designs

Colour collateral and replenishment was solved by the design team spending time on the shop floor with B&Q staff, as well as the team from head office, to understand the day-to-day running of the paint area of the store.

All colour collateral is stored behind hidden doors in the fixture and cleverly uses existing B&Q shelving.